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New on the scene is Porter magazine, the off-line iteration of Headed up by creative director Robin Derrick, you’d expect the design to be superb, and it really is. Perfectly crafted typography and some stunning photography and still lifes, it’s one of the best glossy magazines at the moment in my opinion.

This selection of images really doesn’t do the real thing any justice at all – get yourself a copy, best fiver you’ll ever spend.

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A beautiful campaign with some subtle art direction and clever copywriting. 

"Photographer Rankin, art director Paul Belford and TBWA London have launched a powerful poster campaign for charity Ataxia UK that aims to raise awareness of the rare genetic disease.

Ataxia affects around 10,000 people in the UK but according to a recent YouGov study, only nine percent of adults know what it is. There are various forms of the condition, which can affect sight, hearing, speech and co-ordination, and while the severity of symtpoms varies, most sufferers lose mobility. At present, there is no known cure or treatment.”

Read more on Creative Review.

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– Floorplan - Never Grow Old (Original Mix) [0 plays]

Dusty vinyl crackle, a powerful female vocal, uplifting jazzy keys and a chunky four to floor beat. How have I only just heard this?!

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Really like these retro posters Daft Punk are using for the new merchandise site:


How fun are these super-colourful body paintings by Minna Parikka?!

– Detroit Swindle | Boxed Out | Dirt Crew Recordings (Preview) [0 plays]

This is a seriously great deep house album from the rather excellent Detroit Swindle. Each track surprises me, such a fantastic blend of old house samples and new deep house stylings. If you like your deep house, this is a must purchase.

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